Animal Tracks


Humboldt County

A Guide to the Common Animal Tracks Found on California’s North Coast.

Select an animal from the list below to view a picture of its tracks and some natural history information about the animal.

Animals don’t cover their tracks.

Black Bear Merganser
Black-tailed Deer Mountain Lion
Black-tailed Jackrabbit Opossum
Brush Rabbit Pacific Treefrog
California Valley Quail Porcupine
Coyote Raccoon
Deer Mouse Ringtail
Douglas’ Squirrel Robin
Duck Snake
Elk Spotted Skunk
Gray Fox Steller’s Jay
Gray Squirrel Striped Skunk
Great Blue Heron Turtle
Human Western Toad
Killdeer Wild Pig
Lizard Wild Turkey

These animals can all be found in Humboldt County. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the animal tracks you might find here, but it will give you a start and help you to identify some of the more common animal tracks. For other tracks, see my Animal Tracks web site link below. Good luck and happy tracking!

If you find an animal track you’re having trouble identifying, e-mail me a description and I’ll try to help. If you just have questions about tracking (animals or humans), I’ll do my best to answer those too. I offer Animal Tracking Classes in Humboldt County, but would consider other locations.
E-mail for more information.

Want to learn more about animal tracks? Search and rescue tracking?
For more information about animal tracks and tracking,
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Beartracker’s Animal Tracks Den.

Now available: "Animals Don't Cover Their Tracks - An Introduction to Animal Tracking" on CD! (Version 3.0) New drawings, more species, more photos, more extensive sections on tracking humans, more detailed directions for plaster casting, mystery tracks section, tracking stories section, and more. The CD features over 100 species, including special bonus sections with the tracks of some African and Australian animals. A large section on tracking lost people for search and rescue is included, with over four pages of photos showing the details of tracks and signs people leave. Easy to use format. This web site is limited by bandwidth, but the CD-ROM is not. The CD is available in my online store at:  Works with Mac or PC. Happy tracking!!

Link to Beartracker's tracking and nature store.


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If you are a tracker and are interested in communicating with other trackers around the world, here is an organization that is doing just that. Click on the logo to visit the International Society of Professional Trackers web site. This is open to ALL trackers. (Animal trackers, human trackers, search and rescue, law enforcement, military, etc.) Join us, and tell Linda I sent you.



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